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About Trails for Illinois - What we’re here to do

In 2011, tiny Illinois Trails Conservancy changed its name to Trails for Illinois and hired an executive director, Steve Buchtel

Illinois has a great network of trails in place, and opportunities to build and connect to more. At stake is only the well-being and happiness of our citizens—which we now know depends upon regular outdoor physical activity.

Trails for Illinois is building a statewide trails community that will integrate trails and trail experiences into Illinois work, play, life.

Our mission: to enhance the quality of life in Illinois by connecting the state’s communities and countryside with an interconnected, multi-use public trail network, and by promoting the use of trails for recreation and transportation.

Our vision: that every Illinoisan can routinely access safe, active, and enjoyable outdoor trail experiences within 10 minutes of where they live. We want to make your doorstep and driveway your trailhead!

You can find us on:

Twitter: @trails4illinois

Thanks for reading, and welcome!

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