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Meeting National Park Service Director Jon Jarvis today

NPS Director John Jarvis

We’re big fans of Director Jarvis, and we’re honored to tour Chicagoland’s Burnham Greenway and the Cal-Sag Trail with him and NPS River & Trails’ Diane Banta today. Both trails are part of America’s Great Outdoors, the Obama administration’s initiative to create more opportunity for healthy, active outdoor living.

Also, Making Trails Count! project passed a mini-milestone today—our first $1000 raised! Trails for Illinois and our Making Trails Count partners—Rails-to-Trails Conservancy, University of Illinois Office of Recreation and Park Resources, and the Illinois Department of Natural Resources, are raring to change the game of trail building in Illinois.

Add to the momentum—imagine what raising trails as a state priority worth to you. Then become a Making Trails Count partner!

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