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Moving the Friends of the Cal-Sag Trail's video to Vimeo (it just looks better) lured us into watching it again. It's wonderful. It's a moving statement about what's at stake for every Illinois community lacking a trail network connection. Enjoy!

Tinley Creek trail system, leaves changingThere’s beauty all over the state’s trails right now—okay, any day we can get out and move through the outdoors is pretty great. But gardener & TforI follower Gloria and her husband are telling you to not miss this. Her photos are from the Tinley Creek Trail and Salt Creek Trail, part of the Forest Preserve District of Cook County's trail network. 

What trails near you are on fire?

I am convinced thoroughly that no community, county, region or state can effectively protect and improve quality of life for its residents without providing and improving opportunities for outdoor physical activity. Our species sharpened our quick mind and efficient physiology against the hard life of the outdoors, adapting so well that the relationship between our well-being and getting outside is  almost symbiotic—that which tried to do us in became something we can’t live well without.

Lost Bridge Trail, courtesy of